Rick Lowe: New Paintings & Drawings: Art League Houston, 2020 Texas Artist of the Year

26 September 2020 - 24 April 2021

Art League Houston is honored to announce long-time Houston resident, artist, educator and community activist Rick Lowe as the 2020 Texas Artist of the Year. Born in rural Alabama, Lowe is a distinguished artist whose remarkable achievements in the art world are mirrored by his championship of people and communities through social and community engaged art projects, as evidenced, in particular, through Houston’s noteworthy Project Row Houses. Founded in 1993 by Lowe, Project Row Houses is an arts and cultural community located in Houston’s significant, historical Third Ward – one of the city’s oldest African American neighborhoods. Much of Lowe’s interest and adept skill with collaboration comes from his family upbringing, where he was surrounded by a large family of four brothers and seven sisters. This sense of familial community is closely mirrored in many of his projects that focuses on building and nurturing relationships.


Photo Credits: Alex Barber
Lowe is represented by Hiram Butler Gallery in Houston, Texas, and Louise Alexander Gallery in Los Angeles, California. He has exhibited in numerous institutions worldwide, including exhibitions at the following: the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona; Contemporary arts Museum, Houston, Texas; Museum of Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles, California; Neuberger Museum, Purchase, New York; Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas; Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas; the Kumamoto State Museum, Kumamoto, Japan; and the Zora Neale Hurston Museum, Eatonville, Florida, among others.

Installation Views