The Mind’s Eye: A LACMA Poster Project

8 - 31 May 2021 

The Mind's Eye looks inclusively at art and creativity as they intersect with a diverse range of perspectives, taking into account the unique experience, imaginative potential, and specific struggles that may come with neurodiversity. Developed as part of WE RISE 2021 in honor of Mental Health Awareness month, LACMA has commissioned graphic works by five artists to be displayed on vinyl clings installed along the construction fence on Wilshire Boulevard. Scoli Acosta, Andy Alexander, The Revolution School, Favianna Rodriguez, and Kerry Tribe all use a range of aesthetic strategies-from figurative painting, to text-based conceptual works, to game structures-to create a series of posters that evoke the myriad possibilities for meaningful connection and communication within human experience. As we collectively work to envision and shape a future that centers diversity, equity, and inclusion, a deeper understanding of neurodiversity can offer models of resilience, authenticity, and innovation.