Kristin Calabrese


Born in San Francisco in 1968, Kristin Calabrese is a Los Angeles-based painter who received her MFA from UCLA and her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Calabrese has exhibited with Brennan & Griffin, Gagosian, Leo Koenig, Saatchi Gallery, ACME, Susanne Vielmetter, the Seattle Art Museum, WA, the ICA, The Orange County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Hammer Museum.


"My realistic oil paintings tell the truth when I can't. They elucidate conflicts between how I think things should be vs. how things seem to be. The light in the paintings is bright and even. My brush strokes are un-expressionistic. The objects and spaces depicted are life size, so the paintings mix with actual physical space.

My paintings explore big issues like the meaning of life, family relationships, social injustice, and the need for safety. Illusionistic rendering is often in opposition to other formal painting considerations such as flatness, composition, real vs. fake, and shapes."