Jason Roberts Dobrin


Originally trained as a photographer, Roberts Dobrin is a multi-media artist invested in the re-contextualization of myths ubiquitious in American media. He is motivated by pointing to the extremism of our cultural imaginary.

Roberts Dobrin reveals the margins and seams of our culture. His language is steeped in the rhetoric of late capitalism and hyper consumerism.

Roberts Dobrin makes use of simple subject matter such as apples and oranges. Often rendered in a thick gestural impasto, he reduces his subjects to icons, asking the viewer to dwell on the surface versus the subject matter.

The sheer repetition and obsessive nature of the work speaks to the destabilizing cultural climate and the destructing of individual difference that results from the promotion of a generic American culture "as seen on TV." He wants to make visible the universalized reality of facing depletion not by way of division or spectacle or binary, modernist sound bites, as presented in dominate culture and headline media, but instead by reconfiguring the different fetishized tropes to paint an accurate depiction of our collective condition.

The artist received his MFA from CalArts and presently lives and works in Los Angeles.