Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Porto Cervo, Italy 02/09/2015 — 27/09/2015
Pascal Haudressy – Noises

Pascal Haudressy “Solo Show – Noises”
Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy
02/09/2015 to 27/09/2015

A solo exhibition where Haudressy’s work the screen is a veil that conceals, yet it is also a surface where images reveal themselves. This is the “idea-experience” on which Pascal Haudressy’s research is centred. Everything is and can become a screen: this way painting, sculpture and video interact and converge. Images, shadows, light, surface materials and movement form a continuum where virtual spaces and physical domains connect and merge.

Haudressy’s work explores the blank space between different media, painting, sculpture and video. This practice and research reflects the changes in our systems of representation that are less and less limited, contained by determined spaces with a clear territoriality. Haudressy has pioneered a new image format that forensically focuses on the nature of movement, materiality and immateriality – exploring transformative mutations of our world, in which biological entities coexist with virtual life-forms. Haudressy is inspired by his ancestral ties to Uzbekistan, which forms an engaging link in his work between the distant past and the unforeseeable future. Haudressy visually profits from the calculated qualities of science and the alchemy of myth, from the Orient and Occident.

Borrowing from the traditions of Samarkand Art, native to the Uzbek people, Haudressy has conceived of his own ornamental styled art, in which everything appears as static as it is vibrant. The composed motifs give birth to a generative series of images that endlessly reconfigure themselves, which proves a constant characteristic of his own work. From 1992 to 2004, Haudressy worked as a cultural project manager for UNESCO, where he was responsible for a series of major international artistic events. It was during this period that he launched the Flags of Tolerance project, which he carried out in collaboration with six eminent artists including: Robert Rauschenberg, Gordon-Matta Clarke, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Haudressy has exhibited internationally, including at FENZI Gallery, Brussels, 2014; K11 Art Space, Shanghai, 2014; Louise Alexander Gallery, Sardinia, 2008-14; and at the Grand Palais, Paris, 2011, amongst others. His works has also been acquired as part of public and private collections of FRAC Nord Pas de Calais, Dunkirk; Musée de Cambrai, Biedermann Museum, Donaueschingen; Borusan Museum and Arter, Istanbul; and Compagnie de Phalsbourg, Paris.