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Aubussson, France 01/11/2014 — 01/11/2014
Pascal Haudressy has won the competition by Cité de la Tapisserie

The call for entries in 2014 took the form of a public artistic control, in partnership with the NCPI. The artist Pascal Haudressy won the competition.
The selection panel appointed to consider the proposals of the three finalists of public art “matrix-tapestry” command has appointed Pascal Haudressy for his proposal mixed media.
tapestry, sculpture, and digital projection device cultural mediation around the creative process woven art, this piece will implement both the history, tradition and know-how to embroider, while revisiting the range of possibilities of the medium.
The device based research process, video projection and three-dimensional sculpture with its source in the heart of a tapestry that takes the traditional theme of the countryside. The research process light, optical materials and textures for the technical realization of weaving and thereby expertise implemented, will be documented. All research will incarnate in a series of boxes explaining the different specifications and to understand the different stages of creation and production, with the aim of mediation.
A work to “make the world Tapestry, “which interweaves tangible material textile material and light / movement, tradition and innovation. Haudressy Pascal addresses specifically the question of the relationship between video and new mediums. Tapestry here opens new perspectives: the project convene both traditional knowledge and the search for new materials, it is both in relation to our time and it is rooted in the renewal of expertise secular . This is creating new emulsions and interleaving, both technical, formal, that perceptual. The choice of the founding theme of greenery carries continuity and reflection in a new form, changes, aspirations that characterize our time, between tradition and rupture. A vibrating greenery, where moving a fixed physical space, such as a historic base, mixes with virtuality and immateriality movement constantly renewed reconfigured matrix. The video material plays with the frame and the node of the tapestry. The latter, far from being a simple screen, emulsion works with the projected image is a “matrix” of video and computer matrix consisting of real images captured and generated images. Haudressy Pascal , born in 1968 He lives and works in Paris. sculptor and digital artist, his works are in the collections of celebrities and international businessmen. He is represented by Louise Alexander Gallery. After ten years at the Unesco as head of cultural projects and many achievements involving artists of international repute, Pascal Haudressy decided to devote himself fully to his personal artistic work. His first works date from 2005. His work creates a link between past and future, between science and myth. From the outset, sculptures, installations and videos are characterized by their exceptional technology and the use of materials and technologies. The aesthetic nature of the work fully assumed by the artist never departed a strong symbolic and existential questions about the future of man. Mutations of the real and the plurality of experiences involved are the nodal point of reflection and artistic practice Pascal Haudressy .