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Villa La Vigie, Monaco 27/04/2017 — 30/04/2017
NOMAD Monaco 27-30 April, Solo exhibition Arik Levy

[Arik Levy’s Biography and other works]

For the first edition of NOMAD Monaco, Louise Alexander Gallery will showcase monumental sculptures by internationally renowned artist and designer,
Arik Levy who has gained global recognition with his contemporary art and collectable design. Best known publicly for his sculptures, such as his signature Rock pieces, his installations and collectible design.

On the striking grounds of Villa La Vigie, Arik Levy’s RockStone series will interact with the viewer and environment, involving the notion of relationship, power and relativity between people, people and nature, people and space as well as nature and super-nature.

These slightly over-sized figures suggest the physical confrontation, the force contained in the emotional and physical space it captures. Reflections stream around the space of Villa La Vigie. The piece will reconstruct a new vision/visual of its surroundings, and a vision the human eye cannot see by itself. Its appearance also gives the impression that you can just pick it up and throw it at a distance. Evidently, when standing side by side to it you feel its energy and realise it would not be possible.

A highlight will be Levy latest works from “Ghost” series.

The installation, juxtaposition of Crater 210 Blue, RockStone 198 Red and RockStone 196 is the confrontation of our body and mind in the social jungle of everyday life.

We are proud to announce that Arik Levy ​​​has​ ​​ been​ ​commission​ed​ for the forthcoming Hermitage for contemporary art in Moscow​ opening in 2018,​ ​this will be​ his largest work to date at 66ft tall and wide.


Selected works