Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Savannah, GA, USA 04/02/2015 — 03/05/2015
:mentalKLINIK solo exhibition at SCAD Museum of Art

The SCAD Museum of Art presents “Co-operation Would be Highly Appreciated,” the first U.S. exhibition by Turkish duo :mentalKLINIK. As its name suggests, the practice of :mentalKLINIK steers away from the regular, the normal, the sane and the rational. The duo attempts to reveal what our new order looks like: an altered, through-the-looking-glass reality. :mentalKLINIK plays with colorful reflective surfaces, billboard type signs and rhetoric to explore new languages and alternative textures of pleasure. It resists the limitations posed by a singular vocabulary or style, and crafts materials and digital technologies into works that are both aesthetic and experiential.

Transforming the Jewel Boxes into large candy-colored reflective ‘paintings without painting,’ the artists use robotic moving lights, associated with nightclubs and concerts, that are computer programmed into an endless, looping choreography mimicking human interactions — at once playful, flirtatious and alienating. The attempt to replicate body language, sensations and feelings results in a dynamic set of movements, reminiscent of play, and is in contrast to human interaction and interpersonal communication that is increasingly mediated by technology. A soundscape, “FOMO,” consists of mobile phone ringtones and alerts and places the spectator into that stand-by mode of attention that we all maintain in relation to our gadgets.

This exhibition is curated by Storm Janse van Rensburg, SCAD head curator of exhibitions.

Presented as part of the deFINE ART 2015 program, Feb. 17-19

Selected works