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Pesaro, Italy 15/06/2014 — 28/09/2014
Marco Tirelli at Foundation Pescheria – Visual Arts Center, Pesaro

From June 15 to September 28, 2014 Pescheria- Foundation Visual Arts Center Pesaro

Saturday, June 14, Foundation Pescheria Visual Arts Center, is pleased to announce a solo show by Marco Tirelli (Rome, 1956) entitled Observatory, curated by Ludovico Pratesi, who will present an unpublished work, created especially for the museum’s spaces Pesaro.
The exhibition consists of a site-specific installation inside the nave central plan which characterizes the Church of the Intercession in which the museum transformed by the artist into a sort of point of observation material and dreamlike fragments object and signs-symbols recovered from astronomy and geometry, from science and nature.
Marco Tirelli makes a personal observation of images that emerges from personal memory to be seeing in the dark. Large circles painted on the high walls of the Church, as if they were blacks holes of junction between the earth and the universe, not only as a macrocosm, but also as a microcosm of the ‘inner life, they give life to making himself ocular lens through which to view
the sites of MPs’ imagery collected from the artist’s memory.
Exhibition Centre is conducted through a Socratic method that projects the perceived darkness over light, structured as a line of sight device visual images and volumes recovered from the unconscious and memory and escaping , found by the thought of the beholder.
‘s visual archive of Marco Tirelli is formalized finally on the walls of the long loggia of the museum, which houses large paintings and drawings, developing in this way a valuable collection of pictures and shapes, figures and representations, once again borrowed from the archive iconographic material and mental artist, by the accumulation of visual perspectives that make up the mnemonic of Marco Tirelli, reworked to evoke something other than itself, through an imaginative dimension and concrete at the same time, referring to a reality poised between subject and object, between recollection and perception.

In the course of the exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog, containing images of the exhibited works, a text and an interview by Ludovico Pratesi.

Selected works