Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Geneva, Switzerland 29/01/2015 — 01/02/2015
Louise Alexander Gallery at artgenève 2015

ArtGenève – 29 January – 1 February 2015

For their first presence at artgenève, Louise Alexander Gallery will present a group show featuring artists Barry X Ball, Arik Levy, Marco Tirelli, Jason Gringler, :mentalKLINIK, Guy Bourdin, Sabine Pigalle, Nashun Nashunbatu, Pascal Haudressy, Jay Shinn and Vuk Vidor. The fourth edition of Geneva’s highly acclaimed leading international art fair will take place at the Palexpo convention center between January 29 and February 1 2015. Louise Alexander Gallery will be located at booth B42.

Louise Alexander Gallery will present a show “Time and Space” which occupies a curated exhibition of visual possibilities relating to science, philosophy, cinema and art history.

The artists and works selected engross an assembly of two and three dimensional subjects and indeterminate forms through mediums of paint, sculpture and photography. The exhibition reflects surreal and ambiguous juxtapositions of time and space, taken out of their natural context; works impose unique and unusual perspectives onto their subject matter subverting the viewer’s instinct to accept what they see at face value. We create the question in relation to reality, questioning the states of consciousness whilst transcending authentic explorations into contemporary ideas.

Artists Jason Gringler and Serkan Özkaya have been invited to exhibit works at artgenève’s ‘Conversation Piece’ guest curated by Samuel Grosse. The works will form part of the curated project presented under this year’s monochrome theme, ‘WHITEBAR’.

Serkan Özkaya will present ‘White on White’, which is the result of Özkaya’s fascination with Xerox paper, the body and the artist’s hand/signature. When looked as a found object, the Xerox paper is almost two dimensional and functional yet once bent or crumpled it becomes a three dimensional dysfunctional object (exemplified from Özkaya’s work Sudden Gust of Wind) with a sculptural quality (White on White). On the other hand a crumpled paper is an abject on the way to the trash bin, and in this work’s case it’s as if almost stopped before that landing. It’s analogical to a beginning, a draft, and in the end it is the direct extension of the body, made with a single gesture of the hand.

The nature in which ‘White on White’ enable the viewers to realise the childhood dream of freezing time despite or maybe, through its simplicity; the work exposes the moments that are ‘lost’.


Palexpo SA
Rue François-Peyrot 30
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex

Selected works