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Louis Vuitton Editions 28/05/2017 — 28/06/2017

Louis Vuitton launches “Fashion Eye”, with Guy Bourdin and Wing Shya iconic photographs

Synonymous with the art of travel since 1854, Louis Vuitton announces the launch of “Fashion Eye”, a new collection of travel books unveiled November 2016.

The latest addition to Louis Vuitton Editions lineup, “Fashion Eye”, brings a new dimension to travel books conceived by the luxury brand. After the City Guides with their refreshing and offbeat perspective on familiar and less familiar metropolises, and the Travel Books rekindling the idea of the artist’s notebook, today it is the turn of travel photography to showcase the talents of photographers usually known for their work in the world of fashion.

Hong Kong native Wing Shya digs deep into his personal archives, juxtaposing photographs originally taken for his own private purposes with commissioned works, to deliver a richly nuanced portrait of the Shanghai he loves so much. “Fashion Eye” also aims to draw attention to emblematic images from the collections of the previous century’s leading fashion photographers, rarely or never before seen in this way.

Similarly, the collection honors French photographer Guy Bourdin, who visited Miami in the late 1970s for Vogue and Charles Jourdan, bringing forth sophisticated and glamorous images of the Magic City.

Available to buy now on http://eu.louisvuitton.com/eng-e1/products/fashion-eye-limited-edition-015605

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