Louise Alexander Gallery | AF PROJECTS

Porto Cervo, Italy 13/08/2018 — 39/09/2018
Guy Bourdin, 50 Polaroids, 13 August – 30 September 2018

Exclusively representing the estate, Louise Alexander Gallery will present a unique display of Polaroids from the archives of famous French artist Guy Bourdin.

The exhibition will travel from London (May 2017) to Los Angeles (opening 27 June 2018) and finally be exhibited in Porto Cervo (August 2018)

A rare appearance of Guy Bourdin’s personal Polaroids featuring portraits of models, friends and acquaintances that snatch moments of sensual innocence either behind-the-scenes of his infamous fashion spreads or in random situations and environments. The Polaroids highlight the working process Bourdin used to plan his entire campaign and are works that capture an important period in his photographic career where Bourdin is under the influence of Surrealism.
The Polaroids present something very personal, precious and emotional. The exhibition reflects on black- and-white photography at a time when colour is undergoing so many digital changes.

His approach to portraiture displays the foundations of what later became known as his unique photographic language and the surrealist influence in his work that is often attributed to his close relationship with Man Ray. Unclassifiable, unpredictable, versatile, cultured; Guy Bourdin remains an enigma.

Selected works