Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Private View, London 06/10/2016 — 17/11/2016
Guy Bourdin, Private View London

Representing the estate, Louise Alexander Gallery presents an intimate exhibition featuring works by Guy Bourdin with the intention to take visitors on a deeper journey into Guy Bourdin’s extraordinary work.

Featuring a rare appearance of Bourdin’s personal Polaroids, of models, friends and acquaintances that snatch moments of sensual innocence and works Bourdin used to plan his entire campaign. The Polaroids will be exhibited alongside his infamous colour Vogue fashion spreads and advertising campaigns.

These works signify an important period in his photographic career where Bourdin is under the influence of Surrealism. His approach to portraiture displays the foundations of what later became known as his unique photographic language and the surrealist influence in his work that is often attributed to his close relationship with Man Ray. Unclassifiable, unpredictable, versatile, cultured; Guy Bourdin remains an enigma.

Guy Bourdin (1928-1991) was first and foremost an image-maker who never seized to learn and explore. Mentored by Man Ray, he avoided the limelight, focusing strictly on the creation of arresting pictures.

Selected works