Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Arezzo, Italy 14/06/2014 — 31/10/2014
Barry X Ball at Icastica, Arezzo

Between June 14 to October 31, Barry X Ball will have several sculptures in the multi-venue exhibition Icastica in Arezzo, Italy. His works will be installed in two premier sites in Arezzo: in the Galleria Comunale at the Basilica of San Francesco, Barry’s Pseudogroup of Giuseppe Panza will be shown in dialogue with Piero della Francesca’s renowned frescoes. At Casa Vasari, a Mexican Onyx Envy will be installed beneath the central ceiling panel “Virtue’s Triumph over Envy and Fortune” in the room of the same name. Four other works will be exhibited in the house, one in each of the major rooms.

Selected works