Louise Alexander Gallery | AF PROJECTS

Porto Cervo, Italy 31/05/2018 — 8/7/2018
Arik Levy, Outdoors, Porto Cervo

Monumental outdoor sculptures by Arik Levy will dominate the terrace of Louise Alexander Gallery in Porto Cervo between 31 May until 8 July 2018, consisting of works from Levy’s RockStone series which involve the notion of relationship, power and relativity between people, people and nature, people and space as well as nature and super-nature.

These over-sized figures suggest the physical confrontation, the force contained in the emotional and physical space it captures. Reflections stream around the space and reconstruct a new vision/visual of its surroundings, a vision the human eye cannot see by itself.

Arik Levy, born 1963 in Israel, is an artist, technician, photographer, designer, video artist, Levy’s skills are multi–disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Best known publicly for his sculptures – such as his signature Rock pieces –, his installations, limited editions and design, Levy nevertheless feels “The world is about people, not objects.”

Selected works