Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Brussels, Belgium 25/04/2014 — 30/09/2014
Arik Levy – ARTVIEW# at Atomium, Brussels

Arik Levy‘s permanent installation and solo exhibition of Rockgrowth presented as part of Art Brussels and Design September 2014 at the Atomium, Brussels in Belgium.

“This is not a thematic exhibition, nor a retrospective. I wanted to create an experience, an interaction among the Atomium, the space around it and the public.

Three outdoor sculptures installed on the square overlook the Atomium building and connect the 2 giant benches of the grounds. 

The monumental RockGrowth, that for the first time appears in a colored version with reflecting ends, sits  side by side to a Crater and a RockStone. This trilogy of sculptures tells a visual and emotional story about the evolution of my narrative: from the RockStoneBlast, that confronts us to an opaque mass, to the CraterRed that speaks of internal feelings and transparency, to the monumental RockGrowth, we walk towards an expansion with no limit. As an echo of the visual presence of the Atomium, this piece talks about development, growth, joy and energy. 

The exhibition consists of different connected parts: an outdoor part, containing the major part of the exhibition, and an indoor one, partly evocative and partly explanatory.

The indoor part shows in the 3 large-scale showcases, a selection of small sculptures, paintings and other elements, allows to follow a wider range of my work, through a variety of materials and expressions. Another smaller showcase presents the RockGrowth creation process and the “making of” of it. A photographic depiction of the central piece’s installation features at the end of the exhibition”.

Selected works