Louise Alexander Gallery

Porto Cervo, Italy 1/6/2017 — 2/7/2017

Group Show, 1 June – 2 August 2017, Porto Cervo

On Thursday 1st June, Louise Alexander Gallery will open the summer season at it’s Porto Cervo gallery space with a group exhibition entitled ‘Self-Seeking Superficials’ featuring works by a multi-generational list of artists such as :mentalKLINIK, Marco Tirelli, Vladimir Dubossarsky, Enrique Enrique Martínez Celaya and Barry X Ball.

Each artwork shares a personal analogy with each other, through political, cultural, social and emotional connotations. An expressive use of colour, dimension whether figurative or abstract can trick the eye into believing the works are jovial and care-free, a closer look and the viewer will penetrate through the sugar coated surface to unveil a busy picture asking us to explore and question.

Selected works