Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Porto Cervo, Italy 27/07/2015 — 14/08/2015
Marco Tirelli & Barry X Ball, Third Dimension

“Marco Tirelli and Barry X Ball, Duo Show – Third Dimension”
Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy
27/07/2015 to 14/08/2015

A two-man show “Third Dimension” with internationally renowned contemporary sculptor, Barry X Ball and Roman Tempera painter Marco Tirelli famous for his metaphysical paintings that “show what cannot be seen”.
A curated exhibition that occupies interrelated themes addressing the contemporary alliance of art through Italian history, mythology and ideology.

The striking dialogue between both artists works focus on their meticulous detail to shadow and lighting. Tirelli and Ball both capture not only the phenomenal dimension, but also the mysterious and enigmatic sense of things. The artworks—large canvas paintings, photography, sculptures and installations—do not show objects but their echoes. They invite us to lose ourselves in the threshold between illusion and reality, until it becomes impossible to determine whether the artists have abstracted things or imbued ideas with tangibility.