Louise Alexander Gallery/AF PROJECTS

Porto Cervo, Italy 02/08/2014 — 30/08/2014
Barry X Ball – Perfect Forms

Barry X Ball “Solo Show – Perfect Forms”
Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy
02/08/2014 to 30/08/2014

We are delighted to announce Barry X Ball has joined the gallery and on the occasion of its first collaboration with Barry X Ball, Louise Alexander Gallery will present a new installation of works from the 2 August to the 30 September 2014 in its Porto Cervo gallery space.

A composition of great technical virtuosity and in the spirit of his most emblematic pieces, Barry X Ball continues his work on a contemporary reinterpretation of historical sculpture, in an effort to offer a total sensory experience, getting the viewer to oscillate between the tension of the sublime and the possibility of the grotesque.

Barry X Ball’s ‘Perfect Forms’, a modern iconic adaptation on the masterpiece ‘Unique Forms’ that Boccioni never did complete, will be shown for the first time as part of the solo show exhibition. Inspired by industrialisation in Italy at the turn of the 20th century, the anonymous figure cascades through space – the wind distorting his speeding body. Using 3D scanning and printing technologies, sophisticated computer software, resin, nickel, copper, bronze and 24-karat gold. At almost two feet tall, the abstracted body is meticulously contoured, the angles are sharp, the curves are smooth, and the sleek gold finish causes the figure to glow and perpetuates the idea that the man is in motion.

‘Envy’ recently quoted by ARTINFO ‘as one of the most iconic artworks of the last 5 years’, is the epitome of Barry X Ball’s perfectionist craftsmanship. Based on Orazio Marinali’s Envy, represents a snarling snake-haired Medusa. Ball’s version is carved from white Carrara Marble, and is the most recent example of the exotic-stone portraits that have occupied his works for the last 15 years. It was realised through a complex technical process incorporating clay hand-modelling, 3-dimensional digitisation (laser-scanning), digital modelling, computer-controlled stone milling and hundreds of hours of hand stone carving/polishing.

Envy prompts ideologies of Greek mythology where Medusa turned those to stone who looked directly at her. A kind of evil, anti-Pygmalion, she is quite the opposite of Mr Ball who brings stone to life.

Louise Alexander Gallery will also be showing a print from the installation ‘Barry X Ball x Matthew Barney Scream’. Highlighting the composite twin martyr marble figures (Saints Barry and Matthew in Ecstasy) that are richly embossed, in a manner reminiscent of late-renaissance Milanese parade armour, with a cornucopia of silhouetted motifs: Abrahamic ecclesiastical symbols, animals, decorative flourishes, and protuberant, warty, half-spheres. The resultant sculpture pays reverent homage to its historical antecedents.