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Vuk Vidor

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Vuk Vidor (Belgrade, Serbia, 1965) lives and works in Paris. Graduated from the École dʼArchitecture, Paris and director of the Serbian Cultural Center in Paris since 2011.
The work of Serbian/French artist Vuk Vidor, centres around a double sided fascination of the absence of historical conscience in the modern world. This is an absence that leads to strange reinventions of dead mythology. With his double background in both Eastern Serbia and Western France, Vuk Vidor’s work puts its finger on many of the tensions in European civilization – both here in Europe and America. The modern, expressed in Vuk Vidor’s classic pop art style, contrasted with the weight of history, expressed in the monumental baroque compositions of the works. His last project “Newton“ brings “The Man who fell to Earth” (starring David Bowie) back to life continuing the story and extending it in a large body of works.

Selected works