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Pierre Fichefeux

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In Pierre Fichefeux’s paintings, natural landscapes dissolve into cryptic symbols of chaotic animalesque creatures forefronted by figures of the divine. Monsters or Saints, these figures, entangled within the forces of nature and the cycle of life, shine a light on the labyrinth of humanity. Despite his colorblindness, Fichefeux engages his viewers with bold colors spilling his own folkloric fantasies onto oversized canvases with dreamlike textures and compositions. Each painting is a mystical tale representative of Pierre’s own experiences layered with references to mythological, religious and literary archetypes. The King of Chickens, one of his iconic divinities, is accompanied in the series by dragons, monkeys and aliens. Through reoccurring father/son themes, Pierre’s connection to his own son is also woven into these fables. In these paintings the sense of chaos and destruction seem synonymous to balance and peace. With reference and an apparent reverence for medieval icon paintings, Pierre aims to embody the complexities of beauty itself.

A Paris native, Pierre Fichefeux attended La Sorbonne University and later joined, the creative studio, Fabrica in Italy for three years. Established as a respected designer and illustrator in Europe, PierreFichefeux works in more than a few mediums including drawing, animation and painting. His many travels and exploration of the arts have gained him international exposure allowing him to exhibit in many countries – a few of which are France, Bosnia, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Japan. Fichefeux currently lives and paints between New York City and Hawaii where he and his wife are raising their young sons.

Selected works